Contact Form 7 vs WPForms

Do you plan to add a contact, survey, registration, customer feedback, payment or subscription form WordPress? We have many options for that but, the two most popular options are Contact Form 7 and WPForms.

The main concern of many novice WordPress users is cost. Many prefer a plugin free form. Although you can not get all the features only in the form of a free plugin, it will provide the basic features you need for a small website.

Today, In this article, I will compare the two plug-in free form that is Contact Form 7 and WPForms. Before getting into comparison, I would like to clearly inform that WPForms is not absolutely free plugin.

Create contact form without plugin wordpress

I list some differences between Contact Form 7 vs WPForms for you to compare and decide which is best for you. From four aspects, we’ll take a look at the comparison of Contact Form 7 vs WPForms: Easy to use, customer support, features, memory usage, page speed and price.

Contact Form 7

Contact Form 7

Contact Form 7 started its journey back in 2007. It was developed by Takayuki Miyoshi. Slowly, the plugin has won the heart of the customer and now it has become the authorized form builder plugin, leaving behind other plugins form builder ecosystem WordPress. For example, in the form of Ninja shape by gravity WPForms etc.At present, Contact Form 7 over 5+ million active installations and over 1000+ 5 star rating. So you can imagine how this plugin is popular. Despite a complicated interface, people use this plugin as the main contact form on their website.


  • Helpful documentation & support system
  • Contact Form 7 database addon
  • Skins of different contact form or layout to make your online forms more attractive and amazing
  • contact form 7 HTML templates for email
  • selection of amazing styles for the Contact Form 7
  • Contact Form 7 Honeypot that adds a hidden field to your contact form
  • Redirection feature for Contact Form 7.


WPforms Interface

Since launching in 2016, WPForms has built quite. Currently, it is being used by over 3+ million WordPress sites. Drag & drop builder online forms make it easy for you to create beautiful forms of contact, email subscription form, a form of payment, or other types of online forms with just a few clicks.


  • WPForms is the friendly phone, which means that the Better Spam Protection
  • MailChimp, AWeber, Drip, Campaign Monitor, GetResponse, and Constant Contact email list building integration
  • Smart Conditional Logic
  • Entry Management from Your WordPress Dashboard
  • Instant Notifications and Confirmations Upon Form Submissions
  • Survey and Poll Creation Abilities
  • Partial Form Saving
  • Multi-Part Form Creation
  • Ajax Form Submission
  • And So Much More!

Let’s Compare Contact Form 7 Vs WPForms

CriteriaContact Form 7WPForms
Easy to useContact Form 7 is a form of contact free WordPress oldest and most popular plugins.
Regarding the use of Contact Form 7, adding additional fields are not really difficult, as long as you know a little about HTML. Indeed, you must use HTML to format the form as you want in a text box.
You can not get a live preview of your form or a drag and drop interface, which makes it quite difficult to view your forms.
WPForms design of the dashboard is simple, clean and modern.
It focuses on a user-friendly interface and is a plugin WordPress contact form very modern on the market today as well. Most important of all, we speak the same language, not scary “HTML” instead.
You certainly do not have to worry about how to create a form from the beginning, because surprisingly there are already many forms templates pre-built inside for you to use.
Customer supportContact Form 7 does not offer support or quick feedback. Sometimes it really frustrates me and you can search for troubleshooting problems to see someone else has the same question in the FAQ sectionWPForms offers support ticket system for customers, complete documentation on how to configure each parameter, and official tutorials walk you step by step in the process.
FeaturesContact Form 7 offers a quick and easy way to create your ideal form. However, the features are not limited to a few form fields to choose from, such as checkboxes, date drop-down menus and so on.
If you want to develop more features to be functional, you need to add plugins that might not be officially supported by Contact Form 7. It may have bugs.
WPForms is divided into two versions, the free version and the premium that has four plans, including basic, plus, pro, elite plans. The features of WPForms Lite – free version, are good enough
Memory usageConsume 318.18 KB
Consume 1105.86 KB.
Page speedThe average page speed of Contact Form 7 is 0.01s
The Average page speed WPForms is 0.02s.
PriceOnly free versionFree + Paid version which means more options
Compare Contact Form 7 Vs WPForms


If you want to start a blog or other site which have very minimal forms fields you should use contact form 7 due to is less consumption of memory and good page speed otherwise you can use WPForms