Custom themes VS Pre-made WordPress Themes

If your plan to launch a website built on the WordPress platform? You may be confused about which themes should use pre-made themes or custom themes. The growing competition makes it very difficult for an emerging web site to establish a strong online presence. It is not only necessary to have a beautiful and fully functional web site, but it is also necessary to establish a unique brand identity.

WordPress, the most popular platform for creating web sites, comes with a wide variety of themes and plugins. If you are building a blog website, portfolio website, a website oriented food or an online store, you can easily find a relevant topic.

I’ve been working with WordPress for many years and love it. I use it on almost all websites of the client built because of how easy it is to set up. Depending on what your goals are and what your budget determines the path to be followed.

In this article, I will explain what is the difference between the pre-made themes and custom theme, and I will talk about the pros and cons of each.

What is a Custom theme?

custom theme

A custom WordPress theme is a theme that has been designed and built specifically for a website according to client requirement

WordPress custom development is the process of Wireframing, design and develops a custom website to suit your business needs in the best way possible.

Pros and Cons of Custom themes

Versatility:- Starting from scratch and get all the features you need and desire allows greater flexibility. Time:- It may take some time to build a custom theme; from the 2 to 5 weeks, depending on how complicated the site.
Brand:- A custom design specifically for your company brand with its colours, target market and goals.Maintenance:- The final disadvantage is a custom theme to keep on with the new features that WordPress comes with. Templates, quality, they tend to have developers who regularly come out with errors or security fixes. You will have to continue a relationship with her or find another developer to fix any error.
Specific needs:- to Organize widgets and functionality within the subject while still using design and unique format.
Uniqueness:- To the As with any business, a custom design distinguishes you from the rest and differentiate themselves from competitors. With a pre-designed theme, you run the risk of seeing the rest.Cost:- A custom WordPress theme can be prohibitively expensive if you are just getting started. sometimes I recommend my clients to understand their budget as marketing needs to be done after the site is live. Can you afford the time and money? A custom web design is an investment remind them.

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What is a pre-made themes?

newspaper theme 1

A pre-built WordPress theme is something you buy from a market like ThemeForest. These are intended to be sold again and again to meet the needs of simple business.

Cons and Pros of Pre-made themes


Code:- Some templates have clean code, ie HTML and CSS support and even day. It depends on the subject you choose though. Stay away from free themes.
Code. A template can be swollen with heavy code and plugins to make work demonstration work as you see. It is important that your website is lean and fast loading.

Clean, modern designs:- There are some very nice themes there now. Not like it used to be. I remember the old HTML code and inflation issues with heavy graphics. You can find some really big issues there.Security risks. Some issues, especially the free themes have ‘dirty’ code means that the template contains (security holes) of harmful or malicious code placed there by the author or hacker. Be sure to purchase a premium theme a reputable company.
Quick and easy:- Your site can be installed and configured within 2-3 days if your content is ready.Less support Support topics may be limited. If a subject conflicts with a plugin, the developer may not be a sensitive subject. Choose premium themes with good support to avoid problems down the road. Send and ask a question to control their response time then check their support forums for activity.
Budget-friendly:- Often, you can have a theme installed free if you know what you are doing and are confident enough to understand some of the basic requirements. Or, for a few hundred dollars you can make a professional install and configure the website (add your logo, change colours, widget settings).Limited feature:- With a template that normally has a limit in design and configuration. If you choose a theme, make sure you have options page as sidebars, full-width settings page header for your logo and/or slogan.

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My personal preference and recommend for you is to find a right template that is able to do what you wants do with your site. If that theme is not work as your needs then you have to hire a developer who specializes in working with this framework.