WordPress 5.9 released

On January, 25th 2022, WordPress 5.9 was released to the public.

Full site editing Improvements

wordpress 5.9

The feature of wordpress 5.9 is the availability of site editing control to users. Its allows users to control both the page content and website design at the same time that means you can change your header or footer design while working on page content using the same design tools.

Global Styles Interface

fse global typography

WordPress 5.9 optimized tools that allow you to change design elements like spacing, color and typography in your entire site at once. The interface is expected to work on the block model to simplify website customization.

Best WordPress themes for blog

Twenty Twenty-Two Default Block Theme

wordpress 5.9 default theme

WordPress 5.9 comes packaged with Twenty twenty-two the default block theme in wordpress. This theme has been designed to provide maximum personalization and customization avenues for users and promises to be the most flexible default theme ever created.

Twenty Twenty-Two will use a variety of color palettes, page templates, headers, and footers for endless customization. You’ll be able to change fonts, image designs and more on a site-wide level. It’s usually pretty easy to tell when a website uses a default theme, it sounds like Twenty Twenty-Two might change that. Below is a screenshot of sample block layouts:

The Navigation block

navigation block wordpress 5 9

Another very anticipated feature in WordPress 5.9 involves improving the navigation screen that has been in the works for quite a while now. The changes are expected to make the user experience much softer while reducing the complexities and difficulties that users often face during the navigation of the website.